Intel Launches Core i7-3632QM Processor

The i7-3632QM processor is not listed in Intel's official price list, but is shown as a "launched" product in its processor database.

What makes this 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU special is that it is rated at a 35 watt TDP, which is below the 45 watt rating of the 2.4 GHz i7-3635QM and the 2.4 GHz i7-3630QM. The only other 35 watt CPU that is currently offered by Intel in this series is the 2.1 GHz i7-3612QM. Conceivably, the i7-3632QM is now the CPU that, on paper, strikes the most compelling compromise between performance and power consumption. The new CPU is available in BGA an rPGA packaging.

Pricing has not been revealed at this point, but since we know that the 3630QM and 3632QM are positioned to replace the 3610QM and 3612QM, we expect them to stay to the tray prices of their predecessors, which currently is $378 and $378.


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  • ttg_Avenged
    Darn. Was hoping for a desktop CPU. Didn't read much, but this 35w increase will help with batteries! Good job Intel. Hey, at least one company is "innovating".
  • A Bad Day
    It would be nice if the $1000 mobile CPUs also supported some OCing. I understand that laptops shouldn't be OC'ed, but you'd think a laptop with a $1000 CPU would have more than enough cooling for light OCing (no voltage adjustments).
  • A Bad Day
    Or at least give undervolting options.