Intel Discontinues Core+ i7-8700, i5-8400, i5-8500 Models

Intel introduced its new Core+ branding last year, but according to Intel's documentation, it has already slated the new processors for discontinuance due to a lack of demand.

In short, Intel's Core+ branding indicates the processors, or the devices they are installed in, come bundled with Optane memory. Intel's Optane memory is a collection of software and hardware, such as 3D XPoint memory, that leverage the power of next-generation memory to boost storage performance.

The news comes as Intel and Micron are parting ways on their Optane-fabbing joint venture. The Optane modules come as both cache and normal bootable SSDs that fill the goodbetterbest verticals, so they represent a growing portion of Intel's storage business.

Part Number
Core+ i7-8700
Core+ i5-8500
Core+ i5-8400

Intel now says its customers should place their last orders by September 30, provided supplies are still available, and that the final deliveries should be taken no later than December 27. 

Intel builds its Optane products with the 3D XPoint memory that it produces jointly with Micron. The bundled kits were largely seen as an attempt to boost Intel's sales of Optane, which apparently haven't met expectations given Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra revelation that 3D XPoint sales to Intel were flagging, thus incurring under-utilization charges that impacted Micron's bottom line. Micron even indicated that it was possible that the company wouldn't sell any 3D XPoint to Intel in the future. As such, Mehrotra announced that Micron would re-negotiate the terms of future 3D XPoint development with Intel.

That apparently didn't go too well, as the two companies ceased joint development in July 2018, and yesterday Micron announced its intention to buy out Intel's share of their IMFT (Intel Micron Flash Technologies) joint venture. Intel plans to continue to produce 3D XPoint, the revolutionary new memory behind the Optane brand, in its own fabs even after the Micron divorce. Intel has the right to continue to produce 3D XPoint independently, and given its continuing investment in new facilities to produce 3D XPoint, it is unlikely that Intel is discontinuing these products due to the end of the partnership.

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  • InvalidError
    I wonder how many people even knew those bundles existed. Can't say I remember reading about them.
  • Brian_R170
    Exactly. How many consumers even noticed?
  • Bryan Webb
    This is the first I heard of these, maybe it was a marketing problem.