Amazon Lists Core i9-9900K For $582.50

Amazon has listed the Core i9-9900K, its first eight-core 16-thread processor for the mainstream desktop, for $582.50. @momomo_us posted a screenshot of the packaging this morning, and after a bit of digging we found the full listing.

The listing also reveals Intel's new packaging, which appears to be a translucent new packaging.Breaking news, more to come...

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  • scottybhoy85
    Hopefully, this is a holding price. An I7 branded as an I9 at near I9 prices.

    Looks like I'll just get an 8700k to replace my aging 4690k
  • spdragoo
    Intel's new Core i9-9900K packaging is obviously a direct response to AMD's impressive Threadripper packaging that has set a new bar for the processor market.

    I'm sorry...but anyone who's concerned about the packaging that their CPU is shipped in, which is going straight into the trash anyway once you build your machine, has the wrong priorities when it comes to purchasing PC equipment.
  • djcasper07
    I can't find it on Amazon. Guys do you have any link to that?