Intel Core i3 530 Appears in Online Store Listing

Although Intel has yet to announce details on its Westmere processors that are set to hit the market next year, some online retailers aren't holding back on its goods.

Canadian computer seller A-Power has listed on its website an "Intel Core I3 530 2.93GHz Dual Core Processor 4MB L3 73W LGA" complete with a convincing box shot.

The cash or debit price is listed at $152.19 CAD, which works to around $144 USD.

Interestingly, at time of writing, this product is still listed on the website, but has carries a notice that it has been discontinued and cannot be purchased. Of course, the product isn't yet available for sale, but discontinued it certainly is not.

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  • mactronix
    Here we go i cant keep up anymore i have to go and look up what an i3 is meant to be now!
    Im guessing basically a core2 with self ramping

  • piphil
    I think it's like an i5, but without the dynamic overclocking or hyperthreading.
  • mactronix
    So like a Core 2 but.... well like a Core 2 :)