Everything You Need To Know About Intel’s Coffee Lake

The launch of Intel’s latest (8th generation) Core processors, Coffee Lake, draws nigh, and we’ve been busily covering it from a variety of angles. We’ll continue to do so as our reviews drop and we learn more details about everything from gaming performance to thermals. We’re collecting all of that here, so to stay current on all things Coffee Lake, bookmark this page and wait for the updates to roll in.

The review NDA for Coffee Lake is October 5, and we tracked down the key details, including pricing. We’ve also learned an unfortunate reality for many users: Coffee Lake will not run in Z270 motherboards, so an upgrade to these 8th gen chips means a new (Z370) motherboard, too.

Speaking of the new motherboards launching alongside Coffee lake, we’re tracking all of those, too. Right now, we’ve published information on the Z370 mobos from Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, and ECS, we have more coming. And of course, we'll also be reviewing them.

We’ve also taken a look at a spec-by-spec comparison of both Coffee Lake to the previous (7th-gen) Core processors, Kaby Lake, and Coffee Lake to the exciting AMD Ryzen lineup.

For your convenience, here’s a link dump:

Intel Coffee Lake Coming October 5, Here Are The Details

No, Coffee Lake Will Not Run In Z270 Motherboards (And Here’s Why)

Intel Coffee Lake Vs. Kaby Lake: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Intel Coffee Lake Vs. Ryzen: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Asrock Rolls Out A Slew Of New Z370 Motherboards

Asus Jumps On The Z370 Motherboard Train

Gigabyte Debuts Six New Aorus Z370 Motherboards

ECS Unsheathed Its Z370-Lightsaber Motherboard

Stay tuned for more, friends; it’s getting caffeinated in here.

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  • elbert
    Will the 300 series support older 1151 CPU's? I looked on the ASRock site and they only have the coffee lake CPU's in the support list. Say if someone has a 100 series board with a 6600K going will the Z370 support the 6600K?
  • FritzEiv
    Intel has told us no, the 300-series boards will not support older CPUs. We are getting some more specifics on this, and will report them when we know more.
  • elbert
    Cool Thanks.