Motherboard Makers Drop Intel 7 Series Board Prices

According to a report by Digitimes, first-tier motherboard makers reduced their prices in an effort to compete for market share.

Apparently, the original plan was to raise prices to make up for higher copper prices, but the price reductions may have been necessary as there are fears of slower growth in the motherboard market that typically lays the foundation for a highly competitive phase with price reductions. Digitimes says that 7 series motherboards dropped by about 3 to 10 percent in Europe and second tier manufacturers lost market share as a result. There was no information on prices for the U.S.

Intel is expected to launch its 7 series chipset sometime in April.

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  • Scott_D_Bowen
    I'll miss the good 2nd Tier companies when they're gone.
    - Abit, Soyo, Epox, etc.
    - I don't even think they are around any more.

    Maybe AMD can encourage them to try and make dual CPU socket systems 'mainstream' and push twice their stock ala: SLI/CrossfireX.