Intel CES 2019 Keynote Live Coverage

We’re here live for Intel's CES 2019 keynote in Las Vegas. The event begins January 7 at 4pm PT. This article contains live coverage of the event, so be sure to refresh your browser for the latest updates.

Intel officially says that Client Computing Group Senior Vice President Gregory Bryant and Data Center Group Executive Vice President Navin Shenoy will "take to the stage to showcase news related to innovations in client computing, data center, artificial intelligence, 5G and more," but the company hasn't given a more thorough description.

Intel's recent Architecture Day included a slew of announcements like the company's new Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture, its new Gen11 integrated graphics, 'Foveros' 3D chip stacking technology, and a teaser of the company's new Xe line of discrete graphics cards. We also caught a glimpse of the first 10nm Ice Lake processor for the data center.

We expect Intel to touch on at least some of these topics during the event.

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  • s1mon7
    "Announces" is a big word. They are disclosing a product that will come out in almost a year from now. They are doing so to make sure that people remember that Intel exists when AMD launches Zen 2 in just two days, making sure they have it in the corners of their minds that Intel will have something new as well at some point not that long into the future as well. Even if it's not anytime soon and there's nothing even suggesting there will be any gains in the desktop space.

    I wouldn't say that's low, but also there was nothing worth covering there yet. So far the presentation even reinforced our beliefs that this seems like their process is mobile-focused as well, as no IPC or clock speed gains were even mentioned. If they had something worthwhile, they would make their promises to prevent people from jumping on Zen 2 in just two days, but it seemed to me like they know that they can't. For now I'd ignore this as the usual 10nm talk, consider this an announcement of additional Coffee Lake 14nm chips and focus on the actual AMD announcement.
  • zippz
    Was the 10nm chip functional? Completely functional? I don't have much confidence in it without a demo so we can see it works.
  • PapaCrazy
    They are in reaction mode and all their moves right now look like pump fakes. The more they talk, the more harm they do.

    Let AMD do their damage. Take the blows, and then recover later when you have an actual, existing, able-to-fab-on-mass scale chip. Till then, every Intel "announcement" gets more pathetic and annoying. The boy who cried 10nm.