Intel CES 2019 Keynote Live Coverage

We’re here live for Intel's CES 2019 keynote in Las Vegas. The event begins January 7 at 4pm PT. This article contains live coverage of the event, so be sure to refresh your browser for the latest updates.

Intel officially says that Client Computing Group Senior Vice President Gregory Bryant and Data Center Group Executive Vice President Navin Shenoy will "take to the stage to showcase news related to innovations in client computing, data center, artificial intelligence, 5G and more," but the company hasn't given a more thorough description.

Intel's recent Architecture Day included a slew of announcements like the company's new Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture, its new Gen11 integrated graphics, 'Foveros' 3D chip stacking technology, and a teaser of the company's new Xe line of discrete graphics cards. We also caught a glimpse of the first 10nm Ice Lake processor for the data center.

We expect Intel to touch on at least some of these topics during the event.