Intel Bug Causes Failed SSDs Turn 600GB to 8MB

Intel's SSD 320 series offer some great storage solutions for enthusiasts. For those with the budget, getting 600GB in solid state is quite impressive – of course, that is until it fails and reports itself as a cry-worthy 8MB.

A bug that afflicts the entire 320 line can cause an SSD to revert to 8MB following a crash or power failure. The Register quotes a couple of users from the PC Review forum:

"Be wary of the new Intel SSD 320 series. Currently, there's a bug in the controller that can cause the device to revert to 8MB during a power failure," wrote one user. "AFAIK they have not yet publicly announced it, and won't have a firmware fix ready for release until the end of July."

Another posted, "I just had this happen to me. Had the 600G model for a month. Then the drive crashed and now DISKPART shows 8MB for that drive. SMART attributes are gone... The drive worked great for a month!"

Fortunately, Intel did eventually acknowledge that it is aware of these "customer sightings" on the 320 SSD series. Intel isn't yet revealing more about the nature of the bug, or when a fix is coming.

If you have a 320 SSD, we recommend that you backup all of your data ASAP.

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  • MKeeper
    One day three things will happen ...

    SSDs will actually become reliable ..

    and Tom's Hardware will implement a CAPTCHA interface and stop all of the spam-bots on their comment threads ..

    and satan will go to work in a snowplough ..
  • das_stig
    5 things, the majority of content for TH UK will actaully be from the UK and we can enter the competitions.

    But have to agree on No. 2.

    As for No.3, he wouldn't be able to afford the petrol.
  • technogiant
    As an enthusiastic early adopter I got myself 2 ssd's for a raid0 OS instal drive.

    Following countless crashes requiring recovery from an image and 2 RMA's in the course of 2 years I now don't use an ssd as the system drive.....I just use them for caching, page file and as a dedicated game drive.....just not reliable for anything else IMO.