Intel's Cedar Trail-M to be Released in December

Originally scheduled for a September release, Digitimes reports that the chips, aimed at netbooks, were delayed due to weak demand and will now be rolled in December. Other reports claim that Intel was forced to push out the release by three months due to problems with Cedar Trail-M's graphics driver.

Digitimes's sources said that despite the rapid decline in demand, there is still a substantial netbook market to pursue. However, those sales may only be achievable in emerging markets. Asus and Acer will be the only two Cedar Trail-M customers, the publication stated.

The N2600 will have a core frequency of 1.6 to 1.86 GHz and a TDP of less than 3.5 watts. The N2800 will feature clocks speeds of 1.86 to 2.13 GHz and a TDP of less than 6.5 watts. The N2600 will reportedly consume less than 1.1 watts of power on average.

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