Intel 900P 960GB, 1.5TB Mentioned In Official Document

The folks over at spotted a product change notification (PCN) for the 900P from Intel. The document lists three changes: The regulatory label gains some additional logos, the drives now use slightly lower voltage, and the retail box will now list the shipping firmware.

The PCN goes on to list two new capacity sizes coming to the Optane 900P product family. This is the first mention of a 960GB and massive 1.5TB capacity of the fastest consumer SSD shipping today.

When we were first briefed by Intel about 3D XPoint technology, the company said the products would increase in capacity. This year we saw the enterprise variant, DC P4800X, grow from 375GB to 750GB. Intel has previously mentioned a 1.5TB model in passing, but with low initial sizes we didn't expect to see the series break the 1TB barrier for a few years.

The PCN document doesn't list any dates for the two new capacity sizes, but it does say the labels will change on or around December 27.

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