Intel, Partners Unveil Gallatin Processor

Intel Corp. will formally announce its "Gallatin" enterprise processor this week, whose larger cache size and faster speeds will be used by its customers.

Gallatin, a member of Intel's Xeon family of server processors, was designed as a drop-in replacement to the existing "Foster" lineup, known by the same Xeon MP brand name as the new chips. Executives at Intel's customers say the increased cache - up to 512 kBytes of level-2 cache, and up to 2 MBytes of on-chip level-3 cache - and faster clock speeds will make the transition a rapid one.

"We're actually really excited about Gallatin," said Paul Miller, director of server platform marketing at Hewlett-Packard. "It's no mystery that the 4-way space and above is weak across all technologies, not just Intel-based technologies."

Users should experience between a 19 percent and 38 percent improvement in performance using various benchmarks on Gallatin compared to the fastest Foster MP processor, which tops out at 1.6 GHz. Intel also has a line of Foster-based processors for 1- or 2-way workstation configurations, which also boast up to 512 kBytes of level-2 cache at speeds up to 2.8 GHz.

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