Video: In Win's H-Tower Chassis In Action

We’ve told you about In Win’s H-Tower concept chassis, which it trotted out to tickle our eyeballs at Computex 2015.

It is ridiculous and impractical and fun, but you really have to see the transforming action yourself to fully enjoy it, and so here you go, dear readers: video of the H-Tower in action, with a shouted narration by an In Win rep. (It’s amazingly loud on the show floor.)


Stay tuned to the Tom’s Hardware newsfeed; we have a great many more posts coming out of Computex, including our awards for the show.

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  • Daniel Ladishew
    Does not appear to have air filters? A series of good photos from different angles would be great.
  • thundervore
    Its a very nice show piece but with a $2500 price tag and the case needing its own power supply it will only be a nice "show piece". I wont even touch on the dust issue.
  • wolverine96
    In the first image, you can see that the PC is water-cooled. Where is the pump mounted? You would think that the pump being rotated around like that could potentially cause some gravity-related issues.