Imation and DataPlay To Pump Out Tiny CDs

Imation and DataPlay today announced that they have finalized a series of agreements related to the upcoming introduction of DataPlay digital media. Imation will be the first U.S.-based manufacturer of both blank and pre-recorded DataPlay digital media, as well as the semi-exclusive worldwide distribution partner. DataPlay's little disks, if you recall, are removable media cartridges that look like CDs, hold up to 500MB of data, but measure only 32mm (a little bigger than a quarter). Imation was among a group of consumer electronic device manufacturers, technology companies, and retail distributors who just tossed a bunch of greenbacks into DataPlay's latest round of financing, which raised an additional $55 million. In addition to its position as a media manufacturer, Imation will be the semi-exclusive worldwide distribution partner of blank DataPlay digital media. DataPlay's little disks are slated for commercial availability in Q4 2001. Just be careful not to swallow them.

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