Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup: Image Apps

After a long hiatus from Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup, Adam Overa is back with the fourth installment in the series covering Image Apps. This is a showcase of Linux software designed for creating, viewing, editing, and organizing image files.

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There is a longstanding myth that the choice of multimedia applications is sparse in Linux. This article began as a roundup of Multimedia Apps (multimedia being images, audio, and video). We had to split the story not once, but twice, in order to accommodate the number of titles we found. It's safe to say that this myth has been busted.

In this installment, we'll be covering the ways that people interact with images on their computers. The applications in this article run the gamut, from capturing screenshots to creating 3D landscapes from scratch and everything in between. Do you need to replace Windows Live Photo Gallery, Adobe Photoshop, or Maya? No problem. We're covering the best Linux alternatives to popular and ubiquitous image-related applications in Windows.

Do these free Linux alternatives stack up to their proprietary Windows-based counterparts? Luckily, we're including links to download these apps to try them out for yourself. As usual, Windows-based versions are listed here for any cross-platform software. The same applies to Mac OS X as well.

Given the simple nature of most image applications, there are literally tons of them available. The sheer volume of programs made corralling them all into a single story somewhat of a challenge. So, the time we spent with each and descriptions of the various applications had to be shortened to make this piece even possible.

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  • Ko0lHaNDLuKe
    Very helpful write-up. Have been considering for a while whether to make the jump to Linux as I have been using it more and more at university, but have always been worried about it not doing what I need in a main operating system. This might just be enough to sway me! Many thanks.
  • acer0169
    I've always liked the look of Linux, but have been a Windows boy for life so it's a big change. Maybe I'll install it on my other computer and see how we go ;).