Apple iMac Goes Core i5, i7; Mac Mini Updated

Along with the new MacBook and Magic Mouse, Apple today refreshed its entire iMac line with LED-backlit 21.5 and 27-inch widescreen displays in a new edge-to-edge glass design and all aluminum enclosure that pulls it even closer in line with the unibody MacBook Pros.

The new iMac line starts at $1,199 with the 21.5-inch screen and Core 2 Duo at 3.06 GHz. Those willing to shell out top dollar can upgrade all the way up to the new Nehalem-based Core i5 and i7 quad-core processors (but expect to pay $2,000 to get there).

The new 21.5-inch iMac features a 1920-by-1080 pixel display and the 27-inch iMac features a 2560-by-1440 pixel display. Pleasantly, both 21.5 and 27-inch displays use IPS panel technology.

Powering the pixels will either Nvidia GeForce 9400M integrated graphics or ATI Radeon HD 4670 discrete graphics (ATI Radeon HD 4850 discrete graphics in the 27-inch model).

If you're not into the idea of having a screen built into your computer, there's also an upgraded Mac Mini today. Starting at $599, the entry level Mac Mini features a faster 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, a 160GB hard drive, five USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 800, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics and a SuperDrive. The $799 Mac Mini features a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of memory and a larger 320GB hard drive.

For those using the Mac Mini a server, Apple now offers a $999 Mac Mini that is specially configured with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server. Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server features two 500GB hard drives for a total of 1TB of server storage in the tiny 6.5-inch square by 2-inch tall Mac Mini enclosure.

Apple today also announced the new plastic, unibody MacBook and the Magic Mouse.

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  • LePhuronn
    Is it just me or are mac prices ever so slowly becoming more realistic? There's still a long way to go granted, but given that IPS panels aren't cheap and you'd need some pretty intricate design to keep a Lynnfield cool in such a compact box, the price gap for the hardware alone is starting to shrink.

    Will we see a properly-priced Mac in our lifetime?
  • flaminggerbil
    The new iMac line starts at $1,199 with the 21.5-inch screen and Core 2 Duo at 3.06 GHz

    Powering the pixels will either Nvidia GeForce 9400M

    So effectively you'd be paying $1,199 for an E8400 and shitty integrated graphics as the basic package? It's still a reasonable processor (got one myself), but a ripoff for the price.
  • flaminggerbil
    So it is quote rather then citation, well I fail today.
    But then so does tomshardware due to lack of edit.