IGo's Bullet Drive Professional External Hard Drive

When it comes to external storage, the market seems to be awash in options and form factors that will let you back up reliably and shuttle files back and forth between your stable of computers. One external device that just surfaced this week is iGo's Bullet Drive Professional external hard drive. The device is available with a pre-installed hard drive or as an enclosure for a 2.5" hard drive of your choice, and can be connected to your computer via a USB, FireWire, PC Card, or CardBus interface. When you purchase one of these drives (or enclosures) you can pick the type of interface and cable (or cables) that best suits your needs. The PC Card and CardBus versions of the Bullet Drive Professional include Norton Ghost disk cloning software, which you can use to duplicate data and software from your existing notebook hard drive to the Bullet Drive Professional hard drive and then install the new hard drive from the BDP into your laptop. Depending on the connection type, the Bullet Drive Professional runs from $130 to $150 for the external enclosure. The Bullet Drive Professional with a pre-installed hard drive ranges from $275 to $390 depending on capacity.

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