ID-Cooling Builds Dual-Pump All-In-One Liquid Cooler With CPU And GPU Blocks

The question comes up quite often: When will someone make an all-in-one liquid cooling set that cools both your CPU and GPU? Well, the answer is today, and ID-Cooling is the manufacturer that brought it to you with the Hunter Duet Integrated AIO water cooler, the all-in-one liquid cooler that has two water blocks and two pumps to cool your GPU and CPU.

The idea behind the unit is simple. It has a 240 mm radiator with two 120 mm fans, a CPU block with an integrated pump, and a GPU block with an integrated pump. The GPU block comes with a bracket that holds a 90 mm fan, because of course the VRM circuitry and memory on the graphics card still need to be cooled, as well.

All three units are wired up in series, so the entire loop has three tubes. The tube from the radiator to the CPU is 250 mm long, the one from the CPU to GPU is also 250 mm, and the one from the GPU back to the radiator is 380 mm . The tubes are made of EPDM rubber.

As mentioned, air is pushed through the radiator by two 120 mm fans. They are SF-12025 fans that spin at speeds between 800 and 2000 RPM, and can push up to 84.5 CFM. ID-Cooling did not disclose the details of the 90 mm fan on the graphics card bracket.

The CPU block is compatible with all modern-day sockets, including LGA2011, LGA1150, and AMD’s FM2+ and AM3+ sockets. The GPU block has mounting holes at 58.4 x 58.4 mm, 53.3 x 53.3 mm, and 51.0 x 61.0 mm. These mounting holes make it compatible with most of today’s graphics cards, but be sure to check in advance to ensure compatibility.

Of course, at the end of the day there is one big question that remains, which is whether the single 240 mm radiator with the two fans be enough to cool both a CPU and a GPU. For low-power chips, it’ll probably be okay, but we are afraid that for high-end purposes you may be better off looking at separate loops or a custom kit.

ID-Cooling priced the Hunter Duet Integrated AIO water cooler at $139.99.

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  • Larry Litmanen
    Man for $139 it is actually a bargain, most good CPU liquid coolers cost around $70 alone.
  • de5_Roy
    surprisingly reasonable but quite complex 'cause of the gfx card cooling system.
    people buying i7 4790k/i7 5930k/fx 9xxx with cards like r9 fury non x might be able to save a bit of moniez from using this.
  • SylentVyper
    Man for $139 it is actually a bargain, most good CPU liquid coolers cost around $70 alone.

    For a 240mm AIO cooler, you're looking at about $100, not $70, so it really is a good deal.