id Software May Take Over Prey

Recently superannuation discovered that Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent company ZeniMax Media has acquired the rights to the "gravity-bending" Prey shooter franchise. The document clearly shows that Radar Group transferred ownership of Prey to ZeniMax back in July. The document also verifies recent reports revealing that ZeniMax registered Prey trademarks under books, movies, television shows, and video games.

Last month first mentioned the Prey trademark shift in this post, reporting that 3D Realms passed on the torch to Radar Group on June 22nd. Radar Group was formed by 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller and FormGen co-founder Jim Perkins and acts as an "entertainment entity to incubate, manage and produce Intellectual Properties for cross-media leveraging in video game and film markets." The "entertainment entity" even announced Prey 2 on March 2008.

Now with ZeniMax taking the reigns, there's a question of whether the company will continue with the development of Prey 2, or if the company will terminate the inherited project and start over from scratch. Joystiq is hinting that id Software will somehow be connected with the Prey IP, although the site remains tight-lipped about the details. Ultimately, both id Software and Bethesda would be fitting development houses to take on the Prey reigns, however the former would be more suited for the task.

The original Prey launched on the PC and Xbox 360 in July, 2006.

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