IBM talks Next-Gen Power Architecture, Live Hot Chips 31 Coverage

Credit: IBMCredit: IBM

We're here at Hot Chips 31, the premiere venue for the biggest semiconductor vendors to highlight their latest architectural developments, to cover IBM's presentation of the next generation Power architecture. This is live coverage, so refresh your browser frequently for updates as the talk progresses.

Surprisingly, supercomputing bellwether IBM hasn't been in the news lately with big supercomputing wins, with the latest Frontier and Aurora wins going to AMD's EPYC and Radeon and Intel's Xeon and Xe Graphics Architecture, respectively. Even the newly-announced El Capitan doesn't seem to be headed IBM's way, either, largely because the now-dominant Cray Shasta/Slingshot architecture that will power the system currently doesn't come in IBM flavors.

That leaves the Power9-packing Summit, which we covered in-depth here, as IBM's last big win. Let's see what the company is up to now.