iPod Nano sparks safety investigation in Japan

We’ve heard of exploding phones (although that turned out to be a little less than true) and exploding laptop batteries but now you can add an Apple product to the list of combustible tech products.

Reports of an exploding iPod Nano in Japan surfaced this morning and there is currently a safety investigation into the incident.

According to SkyNewsOnline, an official from the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that an iPod nano gave off sparks after the battery overheated while being charged.

Apple is looking into the case and reminded it’s customers that while it’s not an everyday occurrence for iPod shuffles or Nanos to overheat while charging, it can happen. If you notice your mp3 player burning a hole on your desk probably best to take it out of the case.

The Nano in question was in fact one of the older models (the MA099J/A) which are considered a bit of an antique at this stage. Having said that Japan did sell a considerable amount of them when they came out so lets hope it was just a once off.

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  • ray_gillespie
    "Japan did sell a considerable amount of them" - surely you mean, "Japan did sell a considerable NUMBER of them"? :)