Price for 8GB iPhone with O2 drops by £100

It’s all iPhone, iPhone, iPhone.

We had a brief lull in the iPhone news a couple of months back and then it all kicked off again in a big way.

March saw the launch of the iPhone in Ireland, which admittedly wasn’t really a huge deal. However, over the last few weeks it was looking more and more like a 3G iPhone could be on the way.

With the latest news from O2 to back us up, here at Toms UK, we’d bet our husbands and wives a 3G iPhone will be here by June 2008.

Mobile phone carrier O2 yesterday announced a pretty significant price cut for the iPhone.

Slashing £100 off the price of the iPhone means that the device (now costing £169) is cheaper than the iPod touch. Conveniently the offer wraps up on the first of June.

We’re not sure where O2 are trying to go with this. The network said that the cut is a response to the success it is having with the iPhone. iPhone customers are reportedly the happiest O2 has got so it makes sense that they’d want to spread the love, right ? Eh, right.

On the other hand we’re positive we’re not the only ones speculating as to whether or not they’re just trying to shift the last few handsets before the second generation 3G iPhone rears it’s ugly head.

This would be the most plausible reason if the price for the 16GB version of the Jesus phone weren’t set to remain at £369, which this suggests that Apple could be planning on doing away with the 8GB model completely.

Either way we think you’d be silly to buy an iPhone now. Ok, ever, but if you’re really hankering after a Jesus phone, June is only 6 weeks away, sit tight.

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  • darthpoik
    Ha ha ha ha. Spread the love. Even with £100 cheaper it is still Apple, it is still oozing with DRM, you still dont have a pay as you go version and it is still O2