UK iPhone Ad Banned for False Advertising

Advertising Standards Authority claims iPhone ad was misleading users and potential customers.

The Authority banned the ad following complaints that it allowed users to fully browse the web with access to “all parts of the Internet,” despite that fact that the handset does not support Java or Flash. The 30 second advertisement includes a voice-over detailing what “parts” of the net you might need, finishing up with the claim that the iPhone has it all.

“You never know which part of the Internet you’ll need. The do you need sun cream part ? The what’s the quickest way to the airport part ? The what about an ocean view room part ? Or the can you really afford this part ? Which is why all the parts of the Internet are on the iPhone."

Apparently the ASA received complaints from two customers who had seen the ad and felt it was misleading. However, while consumers believe the ad was stretching the truth a little, the Guardian reports that Apple said the aim of the ad was to highlight how the iPhone can offer access to all websites, rather than lower-level access to WAP versions of sites or access only to those selected by service providers.

Apple went on to say Safari was built to open internet standards it could not ensure compatibility with "every third-party technology in the marketplace."

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