iPhone stocks taking up space in storerooms

WARNING : Contains iPhone related content.

Apparently all has not been rosy in the O2/iPhone camp. O2 CEO, Peter Erksine, recently iPoo-pooed reports that over 100,000 iPhones had been sold inside the first week of it’s launch and while it did nothing for his reputation, recent figures prove that honesty is the best policy.

Erksine told us it was still early days for the iPhone, not to mention his optimistic remarks regarding his sales tactics (“if you can get them into the shop, you can sell them something”). Reports from phone industry sources reveal that the early days have yet to give way to later days. having said that, we doubt the later days will bring a stampede of iPhone wanters.

Recent reports show that as little as 26,000 iPhones have been activated. This figure falls quite short of Carphone Warehouse’s predictions of 10,000 iPhones walking out of the shop on the first day.

Although one does wonder about how many iPhones were bought and then unlocked or used as doorstops . . .

While Carphone Warehouse can excuse its shortage of sales (dodgy credit card machines), other iPhone retailers are stuck in the mud when it comes to excuses.

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  • mi1ez
    Over-priced load of nonsense!

    I'd rather get a free phone and EeePC...
  • mi1ez
    Over-priced load of nonsense!

    I'd rather get a free phone and EeePC...
  • tstebbens
    As I've said over and over, there's nothing on this thing that hasn't been done before (with the exception of OS X on a hand-held device.) I've had pretty much everything the iPhone does on a Windows Mobile device for the last 5 years. Granted the UI on the iPhone is *much* slicker, but I'd trade that slick UI for the openess of Windows Mobile anyday... I can't believe I just called a Microsoft product "open"... but compared to the iPhone it is.