Irish iPhone launch goes off without a hitch

We woke up this morning and something was different. Or rather, nothing was different.

It was still raining, it was still windy, the birds were singing and a cloudy sky was smiling down upon us.

Today is the day that the iPhone is released in Ireland. You’ll notice there was no barrage of iPhone related content in the run up the launch, no Apple fanboys queuing outside O2 or Carphone Warehouse stores and virtually no excitement.

This is rather refreshing as we’ve already suffered through the US, German, French and UK launches. It could be that the Irish are a bit calmer and know when a phone is just a phone. When the excitement gets a bit too much they’re able to get a hold of themselves and tell eachother to take a breather. . .

Or (more than likely) it could be because the iPhone is finally old news. . .

We’ll keep you updated with how many phones O2 have managed to offload and how many have been activated, thus giving us a rough idea of how many were bought and then unlocked.

Watch this space. . .or don’t. We’re sure nothing bad will happen.

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  • mi1ez
    Maybe they have better things to do... Like getting ready for Monday!
  • smyffalis
    too right we are mi1ez!!! :P
  • WingDing
    I'd like one, but I can't even afford a pair of pants.

    Wonder if a 3G version will come to Europe later this year.