I Am Rich: Apple's AppStore Has No Room For Software That Just Looks Pretty

Cupertino (CA) - This one does not come unexpected. An application that poked fun at the fact how much money people are shelling out for their iPhone and the wealth that the AppStore has created for some developers was yanked by Apple early Thursday : The $1000 "I am Rich" application that got famous through thousands of media articles published around the web is no longer available.

Even if you are just remotely interested in technology you hardly could have missed the buzz a software that was often described as a glorified screensaver has created this week. Developer Armin Heinrich came up "I Am Rich," which looks pretty, but besides that, does absolutely nothing. Of course, that "nothing" really depends on your perspective.

Some could see a deeper meaning by being proud of owning and bragging about their $1000 iPhone application. There is a special button below the red gem displayed on the screen, promising that it hides a "secret mantra" will be shown. "This may help you to stay rich, healthy and successful." Since the application was removed by Apple and we are not aware of anyone who actually has purchased the software, we now may never know what that secret mantra that would help us allow staying rich, healthy and successful is. Advice on how to get rich first would help, too.

We can’t help but think that Apple had a tough time pulling the I am Rich application, given the promotional value it had for the AppStore. We hope that Apple at least purchased one copy of the software. In Apple’s defense, Heinrich’s software just looked like a scam, but it was so exaggerated that we just don’t buy that he was actually serious in selling the application.

We much more believe that Heinrich was poking fun at the frenzy surrounding the iPhone and the fact that it is one of the priciest gadgets the mass market is buying by the millions today. If you flaunt your iPhone that will cost you at least $2000 over a period of two years, you should be able to simply sink another $1000 in a screensaver, right ? In all seriousness, the AppStore is a cash-production machine that is creating wealth among some cellphone software developers at a much faster pace than what we have seen ever before.

The best-selling AppStore applications, such as tap tap tap have crossed the $1 million in less than a month.

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  • americanbrian
    If you look over to the Register.co.uk you will see that some muppet bought it by clicking the buy button, unaware that his wife had set up a 1-click purchase option.

    He was mightily pissed off, and has complained that it was a scam. After recieving the complaint Apple pulled the app.
  • Anonymous
    yeah well I heard that story was a fake, made to give applestore a dignified retreat.

    the lengths they will go to, oh (PIP)Boy :P
  • americanbrian
    Speaking of spending money just to look cool, I have my survivalist edition of Fallout 3 pre-ordered.

    I am lucky my dad lives in the states cause it ain't going to be available to the uk.