New iPad Gets Unboxed & Benchmarked; 1GB RAM Confirmed

It's not supposed to launch until Friday, but it seems some people have gotten their hands on the new iPad a little bit earlier. The first glimpse of the Apple tablet (which looks just like the old one bar a few minor, barely noticeable tweaks) comes from Vietnam, where one Apple fan claims to have gotten his pre-order a few days earlier. Of course, when something like that happens, you make the most of it and post the first ever iPad 3 unboxing video. Check it out below (fair warning: It's all in Vietnamese):

Now, perhaps you haven't yet ordered your new iPad because you're waiting to hear some of the details that Apple has yet to provide. Maybe you're a little curious about that Apple A5X chip, or you're wondering if the rumors of twice the RAM are true. Well, luckily for you, the men in the video above also had the foresight to run some benchmarks on the device.

The results were posted by user Sonlazio to and reveal that while Apple doubled the RAM for the latest iPad and upped the graphics, the processor clock speed remains at an unchanged 1GHz. The iPad scored a respectable 756 running GeekBench, which measures processor and memory performance. This is pretty similar to what the iPad 2 has been scoring on GeekBench (at least, it is according to the GeekBench results browser tool), while the iPad 1 seems to score around 470 pretty consistently on GeekBench. 

Head on over to for more GeekBench screen caps.

(via Engadget)

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  • eiskrystal
    Wow, that's a low score.

  • Dandalf
    can't wait for nvidia to release the real Tegra 3 / A5X benchmark!
  • fishyfish
    Yet another apple viral. Nothing to see here, move along!