Analyst Foresees Supply Issues For iPad Mini

Following the announcement of the iPad Mini, an analyst has predicted that Apple will experience supply issues for the tablet. NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim suggests that Samsung won't be supplying displays for the iPad Mini. Previous reports suggested that the Korean conglomerate decided to end its ties with Apple, but the former denied that is the case.

If Samsung has refused to supply displays to Apple for the revised tablet, two suppliers are left in the form of LGD and AUO.

"The problem is that AUO is a new supplier, and they're not able to get to the volumes that Apple needs. So, essentially, there's just one supplier," Shim stressed. "AUO is having yield issues with the 7.9" panel...AUO shipped just over 100,000 units. The production plan is reach 400,000 units in October, 800,000 units November and 1 million in December."

According to Shim, LG Display  shipped a total of 300,000 panels in September and it plans to ship one million in October and then three million in December.

As for the iPad Mini's $329 price tag, Shim said: "The new low price point is expected to appeal to a wider audience and drive up demand. However, panel supply chain indications point to an even more than typical tightness in the market for the iPad Mini."

"Samsung and Apple appear to be winding down their relationship most likely due to the legal conflicts the two have been embroiled in recently," he added.

Alongside the iPad Mini, of which Apple is said to be ordering 10 million units for the fourth quarter, the firm also announced a fourth-generation iPad only a little over six months after its predecessor was released.

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  • bllue
    Everyone should stop supplying Apple and watch it die slowly
  • friskiest
    Uhmm,.. $330 for an iPad mini is not a not a new low price point at all,. considering that you could get better products like the Nexus and Kindle at $100 less.
  • a little black duck
    Gee, what a surprise. Couldn't see that coming.