New iPad Listed as 4G-capable in UK

Soon after the new iPad was launched, it emerged that the device wouldn't be compatible with the UK's upcoming 4G LTE network. You see, while the 4G LTE networks in the United States run on the 700 - 2100MHz spectrum, our own 4G LTE, once it's launched, will operate on the 800 - 2600MHz spectrum. Your new iPad will still be capable of faster 3G speeds than the old iPad 2, which means you're not totally losing out, but you won't be able to hop onto the country's 4G LTE networks when they're eventually launched.

Despite this, it seems some are more than happy to list the iPad as being 4G capable. The fine print on does specify that one can connect to 4G networks if visiting the U.S. (though it doesn't explicitly say it won't work on the UK's 4G LTE). However, banners appearing on other (such as Carphone Warehouse pictured above, and, until recently, Vodafone) list 4G as one of the features of the device. When you click on the 4G icon, you get the following description:

"iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G connects to fast data networks around the world. So wherever you go, you can download videos, music and email quickly."

The only footnote on this is a legal disclaimer regarding the movie The Green Lantern, which appears in the picture alongside the text above. This could prove confusing for people who don't know that while the iPad can connect to faster HSPA networks (that are technically capable of offering speeds that rival LTE), you won't be able to connect to the UK's 4G LTE networks when they are rolled out.

The banner appearing on Carphone Warehouse looks very much Apple-designed, so it's likely that this is just a mistake that will be rectified soon. Vodafone has already changed its iPad page so that it no longer shows the interactive buttons for the individual features, just a picture of the iPad itself. This could just be a quick-fix until an amended version is made available, as TechRadar notes that Vodafone was also guilty of listing the device as 4G-ready last week. We've contacted Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone regarding the issue and will update as soon as they respond.

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  • dizzy_davidh
    The Trading Standards agency\authority (whatever they are called now) should force Apple to be more specific and explain the situation clearly as other firms are told to when they too have misleading or incomplete information that is essential to a consumer.

    If Apple don't do so, any UK iPad(3) owner would be within their rights to cite the inability to connect to 4G networks as the reason they want a refund regardless of the validity of the actual reason they might want a refund (e.g. it's crap, they don't want it any more or realistically any other reason they can think of) and if they don't get it Apple would likely be taken to task over the matter by Trading Standards or possibly caught out by a class action being raised.
  • watcha
    This is plain wrong on the part of Apple.

    Their first failing was in adding 4G which was only supported in certain countries.

    The worse failing is trying to make out like the new iPad is 4G for English customers - clearly misleading and Apple could end up with many unhappy customers as a result.
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