Apple Announces New Super-Skinny iMac

In case the new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini aren't your style, Apple also gave its iMac a makeover today. The company unveiled the skinniest iMac yet at its event in San Francisco this morning. The all-in-one carries over that razor thin aesthetic that you'll recognize from the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air line, measuring just 5mm thin at its edge.

Apple says it was able to shrink the depth of the new iMac by re-imagining how the entire machine is put together. For one thing, they laminated the glass. Another alteration made to slim things down was the elimination of the optical drive, which used to be on the right side of the machine. Now, customers will have to invest in an external USB optical drive if they really want that functionality.

As far as graphics are concerned, you're looking at Nvidia's Kepler, with GT 640M on the entry level and GT 660M on higher-end model. Graphics aside, there's Ivy Bridge Core i5 and Core i5 CPUs, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 3 TB of HDD storage or a 768 GB SSD. For those that love the capacity of HDD but can't sacrifice the performance of flash storage, Apple has got something new. At least, it's new for Apple. Dubbed Apple Fusion drive, it's a combination of HDD (1 TB or 3 TB) and 128 GB of flash storage. Yep, Apple is finally getting on the hybrid storage wagon.

The new iMac starts shipping in November (the 21.5-inch model -- the 27-inch model won't ship until December), and will start at $1299.

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  • Core i5's AND Core i5's? Sounds like quite the selection of processors. >_>

    Also, next time the article is about a new product, make sure to include a picture of said product and not just a panorama of previous models.
  • bender3000
    4 of the last 5 articles are Apple related topics......You guys are the Fox News of the tech world.
  • cobot
    bender30004 of the last 5 articles are Apple related topics......You guys are the Fox News of the tech world.

    Don't be ridiculous, mate, there was an apple event today whith quite a few makeovers/new products anounced. That is why there are many articles about apple in a row.