iPad Mini Gets Teardown; Tablet Similar to iPod Touch

iFixit has published its teardown of Apple's iPad Mini, finding that the tablet features several similarities to the iPod Touch.

The repair experts found that the amount of screws and metal plates that have to be removed in order to get into the device's internal components bears a similar resemblance to the iPod Touch.

One notable difference from the iPod Touch is the battery's installation process. iFixit said the iPad Mini, which scores a 2 on a scale of 10 for repairability (10 being the easiest), "inherited the connector-fastened battery from its larger sibling, not the soldered-in battery found in the iPod Touch."

It also discussed the confusion surrounding the revised tablet's battery. Apple said the battery is 16.3Wh, but the teardown shows it could be 16.5Wh or 16.9Wh. Either way, as expected, it's much smaller than the larger iPad's battery; the iPad 3 features a 43Wh battery, while the iPad 2 has a 25Wh battery.

In addition to the reduced battery size, iFixit found that the screws in the iPad Mini are smaller than its predecessors, as well as the iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini's glass, meanwhile, is easier to remove than previous iPad units, but Apple has instilled several hidden screws securing the display. There's also a large metal plate situated below the display that's held with around 16 screws.


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