HP Planning to Beat Apple in Tablet Pricing War

The HP Slate was announced right before the iPad. Clever HP took advantage of all the tablet hype and announced its product right at the beginning of CES. Other companies soon followed; and eventually Apple did announce the iPad later in January. Everyone was shocked that it would start at just $500, as opposed to the rumored $1,000.

Now we learn that HP's Slate PC will be even cheaper. Details about the device are pretty scant; HP is keeping pretty quiet about it. However, we do know that it will run Windows, because Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was actually the person who revealed the product during his keynote speech. The fact that the HP Slate will run a full featured OS is definitely an advantage over the iPad.

Now, a Wall Street Journal report cites sources who say the device will have another advantage; it's going to be cheaper than Apple's iPad. HP nipped things in the bud and announced the Slate before Apple's tablet was revealed. But apparently the computer maker was waiting for the iPad before making some changes to the device, including the price. HP hopes to price the device at under $630; somewhere in the middle of the iPad's price range.

Still no word on a release date the Slate, other than "2010." HP is also said to be making a second version of the Slate that will run Android as opposed to Windows. It's likely that the Android version will be even cheaper. Will you consider buying a Slate? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • LePhuronn
    I'll be buying a Tegra 2-powered, 10" capacitive AMOLED tablet with True HD resolution and HDMI/DisplayPort output with a proper OS on it.

    As soon as it shows up let me know.
  • chronicbint
    If the price is right these will be perfect for my software business. I will be buying one.