Grab the HP EX900 500GB PCIe SSD for $63

Unless you were literally born yesterday, you probably remember a time when PCIe NVMe SSDs cost $300 or more for a 500GB drive. Even now, you normally have to spend well over $100 for a reputable PCIe NVMe drive with that capacity.

However, today, the HP EX900 500GB SSD is a mind-blowing $63, if you purchase it from Newegg's eBay channel by 8 pm ET. After that, it will be a still-incredible $74.99 for the next few days. To get the deal, you'll need to use the eBay app on an Android or iOS device, add the HP EX900 to your cart and then enter PICKFAST before checking out. 

Good only on eBay mobile apps and only until 8 pm ET today, the coupon code PICKFAST gives you 15 percent off of any item you buy on eBay (up to $100 off). Since Newegg's eBay store has the HP EX900 for $74.99, the coupon brings the price all the way down to $63.74. That's a price of 12.7 cents per Gigabyte. Beat that!

When we reviewed the HP EX900 last spring, we gave the drive high marks for its solid performance, but noted that its lack of on-board DRAM prevents it from being one of the fastest. Still, the drive is rated for a strong 120,000 random read iOPS and 108,000 random write IOPS along with a 2,100 MBps read speed and a 1,500 MBps write speed. That's way faster than a typical SATA drive.

Note that the HP EX900 is in the M.2 form factor so your PC will need to have an open M.2 slot to accommodate it.