Hong Kong News Web Site Hacked

The online news Web Site for Ming Pao, Hong Kong's well-respected and independent daily newspaper, was hacked on Thursday, October 3rd. Web surfers from Mainland China who visited Mingpao.com yesterday were redirected, apparently by local domain servers in Mainland China, to another Web site containing Falun Gong messages. Falun Gong members in Mainland China are prohibited from meditating and practicing their beliefs, and are considered by the Chinese government to be an "evil cult" that must be eliminated. Beijing authorities arrested and jailed 15 people recently for airing Falun Gong videos after breaking into a cable television system in Beijing. Just who was responsible for the hacking is unknown. The Falun Gong Web site is banned in China and is normally blocked by the government's servers. A spokesperson for Falun Gong in Hong Kong said their group was not responsible for the hacking, and that it was more likely someone trying to frame Falun Gong. Falun Gong followers can freely practice their beliefs in Hong Kong.

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