Hitachi GST extends 1 TB hard drive to the enterprise market

San Jose (CA) - Hitachi today announced three new hard drive models targeting the enterprise market, including a fast 15K drive, a compact 2.5" model as well as a version of its high capacity terabyte drive.

The drives announced today address wide areas of the enterprise market, covering high performance as well we high capacity needs.

The new 15K300 RPM Ultrastar is aimed for use in mission-critical environments and now expands the firm’s 3.5" Ultra320 SCSI to a capacity of 300 GB. The drive comes with vibration safeguards as well as thermal fly-height control and is also available with 3 Gb/s SAS and 4 Gb/s FCAL interfaces.

In the 2.5" drive market for blade servers, Hitachi GST offers Ultrastar C10K147 with up to 147 GB storage space and a 3 Gb/s SAS interface.

New is also the Ultrastar A7K1000, which offers 1 TB of space for lower duty cycle enterprise environments. The 7200 rpm hard drive integrates a 3.0 Gb/s SATA port.

According to Hitachi GST, the Ultrastar 15K300 is available now with production quantities available in the first week of May 2007. The Ultrastar C10K147 and Ultrastar A7K1000 will be available sometime later in the second quarter of 2007.

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