Hitachi Shipping 2 TB 7,200 RPM Hard Drive

Looking for a consumer-level 2 TB 7,200 RPM hard disk drive? Hitachi is the first to the table to offer such a product. While Western Digital was the first to 2 TB and Seagate was the first to take it to 7,200 RPM with an enterprise drive, Hitachi's freshly announced 2 TB Deskstar 7K2000 is the first to in its size class for the mainstream desktop user.

The new Deskstar 7K2000 uses a five-platter design with "relaxed bit density" and perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. The drive also features a 32 MB cache and a 3 Gb/s SATA interface. Thanks to newer power management technology, the Deskstar 7K2000 offers 10 percent idle power savings over previous generations.

In addition to the new 2 TB Deskstar 7K2000, Hitachi announced that it is also refreshing its high-volume desktop hard drive family. The new 7200 RPM Deskstar 7K1000.C family will deliver up to 500 GB per platter, and will come in capacities of 160 GB to 1 TB.

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  • darkproject
    i think 2 1TB drives are better then 1 2TB drive
  • bogcotton
    But are 8 1TB drives better than 4 2TB drives?
    Some people need these kinds of capacities...
  • back_by_demand
    How about 4 x 2Tb drives in a NAS unit, neatly stuffed behind shoeboxes under the stairs. Somewhere safe to keep 24,000 TV episodes. That's approx 16,800 hours, or 700 days.

    Let's assume you get 8 hours sleep a night that's 1050 days or 2 years and 10 months of solid watching. You could watch all of Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager for 45 times repeatedly.

    Or you could just watch the Extended Lord Of The Rings trilogy about twice, and skip the end credits second time around...