Game Cafe Robbed, Gamers Fearlessly Fight Back

We gamers are a passionate, fearless bunch. Some robbers found that out first hand at an internet gaming care in Hawaii. Two masked robbers hit a gaming center in Kaneohe mid-last week, but they were met with considerable resistance.

Devin Wolery was working behind the counter when two masked men entered the establishment.

"They came in and they started yelling at me like they had a problem with me," said Wolery.

Wolery was able to hit the panic button to alert the police before one of the men hit him in the face.

"Boom right there, jumps and punches me in the face -- knocks my glasses off," he said. "They start yelling at the customers, tell them to give them their money. They were also making movements like they had a gun or some other kind of weapon."

The suspects were taking the money and other belongings of the customers, until a one of the men tried to take customer Dylan Hays' Nintendo DS. Hays wasn't going to give up his property, so he bull-rushed him out the door.

"They tried to take his DS, his Nintendo DS and he wasn't having that -- so he came back swinging," said Wolery. "I pulled him down the ground over here, the table got moved and I had him down on the ground he was still hitting me. Dylan pulls off the guys mask -- he runs out the door -- his friends are outside waiting."

The police discourage anyone from getting involved in a dangerous situation, regardless of the odds, but the gamers felt that their second home was being threatened by the robbers.

"I mean we're gamers, we've been immersed in that culture where like we all want to Superman, you know we're missing something partial in our brain that says yeah this might be dangerous," said Hays.

The police captured three suspects nearby, two 17-year-old boys and 18-year-old, but all three were released pending an investigation.

(Source: KHON2.)

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  • fjiekie
    right on, don't touch our games!
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    lol, Good Game All! :)
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    "Take my money if you want to, but don't touch my Pokemon!"