Intel Slips Out New 3.2GHz Core i7-970 Gulftown

We can't really imagine the type of PC computing enthusiast who could set aside $900 for a six-core Intel Core i7 Gulftown CPU and not be up to spending $100 more the Extreme Edition. But that's the sort of people who would opt for the Core i7-970, the hexacore 3.2GHz chip now on sale for $899.

The chip appeared on Newegg's listings and is available to ship immediately. Paying the extra $100 gets you only an extra 133MHz, but you also get the game Shattered Horizons for free (until the end of the month).

Then again, you could put that $100 towards a faster GPU, and you'd probably be better off.

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  • Silmarunya
    This is what we were waiting for. Only $900? What an absolute bargain. I'll buy 3 in case I break one or two during assembly, they're absurdly cheap anyway...

    If you want bragging rights, get the 980. If you have some common sense, get a Phenom X6. If you're absolutely insane, get the 970.
  • knightofdames
    Now they give games with CPU's!!!! Intel is trying to compete with AMD by giving away an online game!!
    I can buy an AMD 6 core processor and at least 6 original titles in that amount..
    may be I don't need that much power to game.
  • zipzoomflyhigh
    Wow this is BIG news. 133mhz of massive speed bump for $100 more than the already ridiculous price. Wake up Intel, your fanboys are defecting to AMD faster than fly's on dog poop.