GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition Listed for Order

The rumored GTX Titan Black Edition has been listed for sale by a Finnish webshop, Multitronic, meaning that we now have some sort of verification on its price.

The GTX Titan Black Edition is rumored to be a graphics card with a fully enabled GK110 GPU aboard. While we already have the GTX 780 Ti that carries this, the biggest difference between the GTX 780 Ti and the Titan graphics cards are the 6 GB of memory (compared to 3 GB for the 780 Ti), as well as the double floating point precision GPU performance. Like with the previous Titan, this means that the graphics card is more interesting to developers than it is to gamers.

There was no mention of the card's exact specifications or clock speeds, though we expect the card to carry the same clock speeds as the GTX 780 Ti (875 MHz, 928 MHz Boost), or marginally higher.

The price tag that the card was rumored to carry was $999, and the listing supports this. The Asus GTX Titan 6 GB Black is listed for €974.90 including tax, and €786.21 without tax. This translates to $1333 and $1075, respectively, which closely supports the card replacing the GTX Titan at the $999 price point. While it clearly looks more expensive, early listings are often found to be priced higher than actual MSRP pricing.

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  • clonazepam
    The last hoorah before the next generation shuffles in?
  • IQ11110002
    Not quite, Think they will have a dual card the 790GTX then it's all systems go for next 800 series Maxwell.
  • damianrobertjones
    Madness. Just look at the price! If we keep buying these things then the price will keep on rising... STOP BUYING THEM... Then watch as the price falls.