ELSA Launches GeForce GTX 770 Hybrid Graphics Card

ELSA, a manufacturer of graphics cards, has introduced its GTX 770 Hybrid graphics card. This graphics card is simply a GTX 770 with an Accelero Hybrid cooler slapped onto it. The graphics card itself is overclocked, and like many custom cards, it has a premium price tag to go with it.

The GPU on the GTX 770 Hybrid is overclocked to a frequency of 1163 MHz with a 1202 MHz boost clock. The card packs a noteworthy 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, which runs at a speed of 7.28 GHz over a 256-bit wide memory interface.

The Accelero Hybrid cooler cools the graphics card with both air and liquid cooling. It features a single 120 mm water cooling radiator, as well as an 80 mm fan on the cooling shroud itself. It is capable of cooling up to 320 watts, though we'd be proud of you if you manage to get the card to need such cooling power. Of course, such a powerful cooler can also run at much lower speeds to be quieter. As such, the card, at factory clock speeds, should not make more than 25 dBA of noise.

ELSA's GTX 770 Hybrid should already be shipping and carries a price tag of about $700.

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