Google Paying for WiFi on All Virgin America Flights

Not everyone has been privileged enough to experience Virgin America's in-flight Wi-Fi. However, thanks to Google, anyone flying Virgin America this holiday season can browse, blog and surf to their heart's content for free for the duration of their flight.

Google has partnered with the airline and agreed to pay for the WiFi on every single flight from November 10, 2009 to January 15, 2010. So if you're traveling to see relatives this year, consider this your first Christmas gift because Google is saving you thirteen bucks. It also means you don't have to talk to the creepy guy next to you offering you 'homemade bloody marys' in exchange for keeping him company for the duration of the flight.

Check out the freeholidaywifi map by clicking here.

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    Em, what's wrong with my homemade bloody marys?