You Can Actually Call Your Mom by Asking Google Now

Over on Google Plus, the company reveals that Google Now will know who to dial when a user says "Ok Google, call Mom." Google Now can also send a text message when the user says "Ok Google, send Mom a text."

"Starting now, the Google search app on your Android phone will be able to pull up the right contact for you—and if you don't have Mom saved as "mom," it'll help you set that up quickly," the company reports.

Here's an example of how to establish a "relationship." After hitting the microphone icon, say something like "Ok Google, call my wife." Google Now will then ask "Who is your wife?" and prompt the user to pick a contact.

Once that's done, Google Now will ask to confirm the relationship, and then pull up all numbers associated with that contact. Google Now will then vocally ask which one to call, and in the case of this example, Home, Work or Mobile are options. Say aloud the appropriate option, and Google Now makes the call.

You can do the same with texting. Merely say "Ok Google, text my wife." Google Now will ask the user which phone to text, and then ask for the message. After dictating what the user wants to say (by now my wife is tired of me blowing up her phone), Google Now will display the message, and then ask if the user wants to send.

This is a big deal for Android because it prevents users from having to manually dial a number or text a message while on the road. Just unlock the phone, hit the microphone, and Google Now will do the rest of the work. Got your hands full and need to make a call? Google Now can help. Of course, you need to establish the relationships prior to these scenarios.

Technology is great, but Google Now can be somewhat sluggish on my DRIOD RAZR HD. As previously stated, this should be an ideal tool when typing on the touch screen isn't the best option. Now bring this tech to the desktop, and we'll be happy little Googlers making hands-free calls left and right.

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  • someguynamedmatt
    Can we proofread the titles of our articles, please? :/
  • brandonjclark
    What? I don't even...
  • jimmysmitty
    Technology is great, but Google Now can be somewhat sluggish on my DRIOD RAZR HD

    I had a Droid Razr HD Maxx for a work phone and that thing was just horribly slow. Of course I compared it to my personal Galaxy S4 but still it was slower than it should have been. I could do a factory reset and it would speed up but after some time, it slowed down again.

    As for the Google Now tech, I have this feeling it will require all kinds of permissions and this info will also be sold by Google. Remember, Google stated that anything that goes through their servers is not considered private and Google Now is a online based app.