Rumor: Google to Offer Six New Colors of Nexus 5

Google's Nexus 5 was available in black and white from the get go, but now it looks like Mountain View might embrace the colored cell phone trend. According to one video that's hit the web, the Play Store could soon offer a lot more options when it comes to selecting the color of your Nexus 5 smartphone.

Phone Arena received a video clip from a tipster showing what appeared to be the Google Play Store with numerous color options for the Nexus 5. The person shooting the video flicks through each color choice, one after the other, and the Nexus 5 on the screen changes to match the selection. These supposed new colors are blue, yellow, red, purple, green and orange. 

Though it's an exciting prospect, you've gotta take this one with a grain of salt. Phone Arena doesn't mention anything about the reliability of this source, so it could easily be a ruse. We also notice that the colors in the video are all very dark. Though it's possible these renders are early and just acting as placeholders, it seems unlikely Google would offer this particular shade of yellow over, say, the same shade of yellow you see on the Moto X.

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  • InvalidError
    Back in the days of user-replaceable batteries with the associated removable back-cover, changing device colors was as simple as replacing the $25 shell instead of the whole device... I kind of miss that.
  • Jgriff
    Wow so apple of them.
  • thdarkshadow
    So apple of them? Please enlighten me. There were many popular phones that you could get in many colors before the 5c. Galaxy s3, like every nokia phone the last couple years, HTC 8x and others.