Google Announces Stadia Gaming Platform

Google made waves at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with a gaming announcement of its own: Stadia, a streaming game service.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai started the keynote, discussing how gaming has been an important part of Google's research, including using AI to play games, like DeepMind playing Go and using game-like environments in WayMo. But now, Pichai said they're building a game platform for everyone.

"Beautiful graphics really need high-end consoles or PCs," he said, and that they don't have instant access. He wants to combine game players, people who watch streams and those who make games themselves.

He said that Chrome had been designed for web application, and that now it is approaching those goals. He called last October's Project Stream download a test of Google's ability to stream games at high fidelity and low latency. Games will be on Chrome, Chromebooks, Chromecast and even other browsers in time. 

"It was probably the worst kept secret in the industry," Pichai said.