Google execs receive $1 salaries in 2006

Mountain View (CA) - According to a recent SEC document filed by Google, the popular search engine company paid its three top executives a $1 dollar salary in 2006. The execs were also compensated hundreds of thousands of dollars for travel and security costs.

Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was reimbursed a hefty $532,755 dollars for his personal security costs for the year. The document did not detail what those security expenses were. In addition, Schmidt was compensated $22,456 for chartered aircraft taxes.

Co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin were also reimbursed several thousand for their transportation costs. Page was compensated almost $37,000 for his security and travel costs.

Despite the one dollar salary the executives are basically rolling in money because of their stock portfolio. The trio owns between $10 and $30 billion in Google stock.

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