Google offering domain names for $10

Google has partnered up with domain name registration services and eNom to resell domain names for $10. The names will be sold as part of the sign-up process for Google’s ’Apps for Your Domain’ service which is a set of hosted communication tools.

Google Apps for Your Domain is still in beta and lets businesses and organizations make web pages through Google’s hosted servers. ’Apps’ offers a customized start page, Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar to their site visitors. ’The service also includes Google’s web page creater ’Page Creator’.

The company stresses that it isn’t getting into the business of actually selling domain names and that it is merely partnering up with the companies.

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  • mackmarsal
    Really an interesting news about the Google Domain name offers..I registered the Domain name in the site @ low cost $1.99 for .com extension with many free services..