Speedy Chrome 5 Tested Against Potato Cannon

Google yesterday rolled out a beta for Chrome 5, which boasts to be the fastest yet. With previous versions of Chrome already besting the competition in many tests, the even more optimized browser could now be the fastest way to view the web.

Google detailed in its blog yesterday that its new Chrome 5 features a 30 percent and 35 percent improvement on the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks over the previous beta channel release. Even more impressive is that Chrome 5 is 213 percent and 305 percent fastner on these two benchmarks since the first Chrome beta release.

Besides speed, the new version of the browser brings with it a few other notable new features, as Google describes: "Under the hood, today’s release contains the goodness of some new HTML5 features, namely Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop  capabilities. Additionally, this is the first Chrome beta that features initial integration of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in with Chrome, so that you can browse a rich, dynamic web with added security and stability -- you’ll automatically receive security and feature updates for Flash Player with Chrome’s auto-update mechanism."

To play on just how fast the new Google Chrome browser is, the company has made a few interesting speed comparisons pitting the software against real life fast things. Check them out below!

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  • Anonymous
    Brilliant! Please repeat, but with IE :)
  • mi1ez
    IE vs a ping pong ball in a light breeze
    IE vs a sboken egg on a shallow incline
    IE vs me running to the shops
  • santfu
    this is cool, they are idiots, this is not science, but it is fun.
    Not entirely sure why saving yourself a few microseconds a day is worth all the effort though. I've just wasted all of the ones i could have saved in my entire life by writing this!