U.S. Gov't Staying Out of Google and China Issue

U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, said that the U.S. government will be staying out of any negotiations that Google may have with China following the hacking incident.

Huntsman did acknowledge that Americans are likely to feel very strongly in the Google/China incident due to the differences between American and Chinese policies on free speech.

"This is an issue that impinges upon probably one of the most important of all the issues that we stand for as a country and that is freedom of expression, freedom of speech and Internet freedom," he said, according to Voice of America news.

Since this is a business matter, however, the U.S. government will keep away from Google's dealings in China.

"This is an issue that will play out for some time between Google and Google's partners here in China and the Chinese government, and they will make whatever decisions Google feels is appropriate.  That won't be influenced by the United States government," Huntsman said.

While Google's decision to pull out of China due to censorship pressures is one that must be made by the internet firm, the U.S. government is concerned about computer hackers based in China who are attacking U.S. computers.

"It has been ongoing for a long time.  It is deeply disturbing.  It is being discussed in appropriate channels," he said.

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  • Pailin
    Good Luck to the People's Freedom in China :)
  • staalkoppie
    +1 geez, not even email privacy??! tough gig