What Is S/PDIF? A Basic Definition

Credit: FeelGoodLuck/ShutterstockCredit: FeelGoodLuck/Shutterstock

S/PDIF stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interface. In the photo of a motherboard above, the S/PDIF port is the orange one on the right side and circled in red.

S/PDIF is an optical audio cable format that allows the transfer of digital audio signals from device to device without needing to convert to an analog signal first. This is beneficial since such a conversion can hurt audio quality.

S/PDIF ports are included on a lot of high-end motherboards, although they are rarely used. You can also find them on certain laptops and desktops, sometimes in the same jack as the headphone jack.

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  • milosz
    S/PDIF or SPDIF is NOT only optical. And electrical form of SPDIF also exists, usually carried by an RCA socket marked "Digital" or "SPDIF COAX"
  • maxh22
    Have you completely forgotten that there is a SPDIF Toslink output you totally neglected to mention?
  • serfonteinandre
    and on the board shown here, it is actually the port above the display ports