Tom's Hardware X58 Contest Winner

Today Tom's Hardware announces the winner of the Gigabyte X58 Contest: Scott, from Garland Texas, you're our winner! Please check your email!

We're delighted to be partnering with Gigabyte to deliver the next generation in high performance computing. Based on the X58 and Core i7 platform, Scott will have the chance to step up his system's performance significantly.

If you're one of those who entered but didn't get picked, don't worry. More contests are on the way, so look out for them!

Scott picks up a brand new Gigabyte EX58-ETREME X58 motherboard. Check out the full specifications here on Gigabyte's website. We'll have more giveaways coming in the near future from other participating companies, so look out for those promotions!

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  • paradigital
    Oh &*^%ing wonderful THG. Not only do you give us craply written, drip-fed news, that is generally late, and innacurate, but now, you give us a news story based on a competition winner for a competition that us in the UK weren't even elligable to enter.

    Are you guys retarded or what?
  • sinewave242

    Extremely accurate, paradigital. I just got an e-mail with a subject "Gigabyte Contest Winner!"... nothing else, so it got me [even] thinking for a moment... :) as I don't remember very well if I participated or not. Now I know I didn`t. LOL

    Congratulations Scott! Now you only have to buy a new CPU, RAM, VGA, PSU... LOL