Benchmarking GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB: Fast, Quiet, Consistent

Results: 3DMark

The one benchmark we didn’t subject to Fraps-based logging was Futuremark’s new 3DMark. More than anything, we wanted to run these four cards through the latest synthetic, which attempts to represent the future of gaming through two graphics tests, a physics test, and a fourth benchmark intended to apply GPU and CPU loads simultaneously.

Futuremark’s Overall suite score is calculated using a weighted harmonic mean to consider the Graphics, Physics, and Combined sub-tests. Leaving our six-core CPU in place, running at 4.5 GHz, and swapping out graphics cards shows us that Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690 is still the fastest card in our lab. The Titan follows behind, though, at the same price point, we know which card we’d rather have.

AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition deserves a special call-out. The least-expensive board is currently £340 on Dabs—less than the cheapest GeForce GTX 680. Over the course of time, and with more mature drivers, Tahiti-based cards have picked up significant momentum. Two of them should have little trouble outrunning a GTX 690 (and for significantly less). In fact, they do. I have a pair of vanilla 7970s here—not the GHz Edition boards—and they do 11,629 points in 3DMark.

In a pure look at graphics performance, the outcome is similar, albeit more pronounced. GeForce GTX 690 finishes up on top, with Titan landing between the 690 and AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition.

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  • HEXiT
    good numbers for a single card. bad numbers on price.
  • keremidko
    So 7970 GHz edition is still the best card out there.
  • markem
    I would buy the HD 7970`s fast bcoz they are going to shoot up in price when AMD performance drivers come.. The Titan is only about 25% faster at higher resolutions, 27% at lower resolutions according to the average from all sites that I looked at. BTW nothing a Overclocked 7970ghz cant fix since the Titan is Voltage locked.

    The 7970 Ghz will compete with the Titan once AMD bring their new drivers out
  • Brett928S2
    Hi :)

    I love the fact the comparison used a 7970 and NOT a 7990...

    Draw your own conclusions...

    All the best Brett :)
  • jaguarcd32x
    The 7970 ghz Ed lol. Did anyone see how bad those frame timings are for 7970ghz. Latency's like that for a single non SLI GPU are abysmal.

    Also why do they benchmark overclocked aftermarket 7970 ghz Ed's against stock 680's?. I have my GTX690 running stable at 1275mhz and 600mhz increase on the VRAM. Surely aftermarket 680's can do even better overclocks?.

    I mam not a fanboi and will buy the best GPU on the market and for me thats still Nvidia. That won't change for me until AMD get 3D Vision, TAXA, Physx ,far better driver support and less micro stutter when doing SLI/Xfire but I don't think they will fix microstutter when single 7970's have far worse frame timing than my 690, only with far fewer frames so more annoying. Why anyone would buy two 7970's when GTX690 costs the same I don't know?. Then again I don't know why anyone would buy a Titan that costs as much as GTX690?.
  • Steveymoo
    Hmm, it's obscenely expensive, and uses a large wad of power. But it's quiet, and faster than any other single GPU solution. You can definitely see the appeal here, small single gpu systems, that really pack a punch. If you're rich, this is the choice for you.
  • Alps
    Right conclusion: Waste of money and power. Buy a 7970GHz Ed which is FASTER, say it with me Tom's, "FAAST-ER"
  • Alps
    What's wrong with woodscrew fanboys? Each time a new nvidia thing comes out they make a huuge fanfare about how great and magnificient and supercomputer-like it will be in gpu computing, oh it will change the world for sure. Cray and IBM throw away your old stuff, you're out of business now.
    Then it comes out and each and every time(fermi,big bang,kepler,titan..) it goes sligthly better in games and much slower in OpenCL than a soon-to-be-replaced single amd stock card, just with a much much higher price tag and less efficiency. Wow, that is so impressive.
    But you can bet your pants on it, each time you'll find a woodscrew aficionado pointing out how great it is. Well, buy it then. Have fun ;)
  • Marcopolo123
    Kim jong un so creepy